Leominster Community Centre
a former Victorian Church of England School
A brief History

On the 12th June 1984, Major David Davenport officially opened Leominster Community Centre.
We are housed in a grade 2 listed building, which was originally opened in 1868 as a Church of England School.
In the early 1900's the school was passed to the local education authority and became Leominster's Junior School,
this school remained open until 1980 when a new school in Leominster was opened.
The building fell into disrepair and after major works and much negotiating and hard work the building was
re-opened in 1984.  We have been running ever since!


Company Secretary - Jennifer Gough
Trustee -  John Thomas
Trustee -  Brettina Meadows
Trustee - Eric Pellow
Management Member - Rev. Michael Kneen
Management Member - Mike James

Staff Members

Centre Manager - Jennifer Gough
Room Hire Officer - Mike Walton
Caretaker - Kieron Griffin
Receptionist - Evelyn Hewitt

email: enquiries@leominstercommunitycentre.com

Telephone 01568 616411 - Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00 where our staff are waiting to help.

Leominster District Community Association
Leominster Community Centre
School Road