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It is a good thing that you know some of the basic ways to improve and develop your kid’s language and speech ability. It doesn’t mean that you need to hire someone like the speech therapist and many more kinds of doctors. It would help you from spending too much money in paying them and the same time you are going to guide your kid more and be able to pay them great attention in developing their language ability. Here are some of the great and helpful ways and kinds of activities that you may do to your kid to personally train them in improving and developing their language and speech ability. You may do this alternately or one by one.  


  1. At a very young age, you could try to have a conversation with them. It doesn’t mean that you need a reply or an answer from them. Just try to speak and talk to them and let them listen to it over and over again. For example, you are trying to give him a bath then you could talk to them like I will give you a bath now, are you ready? I will give you some food now for your breakfast or even when giving him some water or milk. In this way, he or she would realize sooner that you are trying to talk to them.  
  2. Another way for you to have a good time with them is to sing them a song. Try to use those simple ones like the children nursery songs. In this manner, they would keep and install it into their mind and it is the good chance to let them know and try their very best to sing with the song.  
  3. Read a short story to them. In this way, they would more engage in reading stories. They would tend to realize sooner that you are giving them wonderful stories to listen and be able to show them some colorful pictures from the stories while telling them the story of the book. Make sure that it is just very short and you will let them see the pictures of the story. 
  4. To learn the different and basic parts of the body. You could teach them at a very young age. It could be in a form of song or showing them the right parts and keep on speaking it. If you are saying a certain part of the body. You can touch the part and tell him or her that that is the part. 
  5.  You could also use some simple objects to show to your kid. Use the one with different colors and sizes for them to easily identify the object. You may have the very simple object like the circle, square and rectangle. You can tell the name while they are holding it.  
  6. Showing them some pictures with different colors could also be a helpful tool to learn and improve their speech and language development.  

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